QRISKA Platform

A global solution for:

  • Collect geolocalized information from the terrain
  • Be informed in real time wherever you are, whatever the time
  • Carry out “Quality” audits
  • Monitor data acquisition processes in the field with real-time compliance verification

The main business modules of the Qriska platform:

  • QRISKA ALERT: An intelligent alert and information sharing system in real time, multidirectional communication, geolocated Bottom-Up alerts
  • QRISKA AUDIT: Carrying out audits, Connected mode in SAAS or disconnected (field), Instant and automatic reports, Assistance with data entry, history, directly integrated photos
  • QRISKA DIAGNOSIS: Data acquisition, process monitoring, compliance control, SAAS connected or disconnected (field) mode, Instant and automatic reports, Data entry assistance, history, directly integrated photos
  • QRISKA ACTIONPLAN: Implement action plans linked to non-conformities resulting from Qriska Audit, to problems identified via Qriska Alert, or independently.

Examples of application areas:

  • Assistance to people in danger
  • Site monitoring
  • Protection of populations
  • Expatriate security
  • Territorial management
  • Quality Audits / Safety Audits
  • Site management (breakdowns, accidents, malfunctions)
  • Post-disaster management (inventories of damage, needs)
  • Municipal Safeguarding Plan (PCS)
  • Special Safety Plan (PPMS)
  • Mobilize populations in the collection and sharing of information
  • Municipal Climate Plan (CLIMATIVA ® Methodology)
  • Plan Particulier de Mise en Sureté (PPMS)
  • Mobiliser les populations dans le recueil et le partage d’information
  • Plan Communaux Climat (Méthodologie CLIMATIVA ®)

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